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Since September of 2002, the RFCUnited club system has provided an environment in which our members can be assured of a fun, glitch free straight game. The club was founded as an alternative to the 'Public Room" games in which either glitches in the game were exploited or your opponent simply quit if losing. Our club was founded on this rule first and foremost - NO QUITTING GAMES. Other rules were put in place to counter any glitches in the AI that gave someone an unfair advantage.

As Madden has evolved so has the RFCU. Our members range from the highly skilled Madden player to the recreational player that plays who could care less about wins and losses.The two common threads that bind us all are we play straight simulation style football and we value good sportsmanship above all else. If this sounds like the type of environment you'd like to be a part of just follow the instructions below and you can begin to process of joining the best online Madden club out here. And remember, EA Sports didn't create "fair play mode", the RFCU did!!!!

If you would like to be considered for membership in the RFCU, please send an e-mail to: info@rfcunited.com with the following information:

  • Your First Name
  • Your Age
  • Your E-mail
  • XBL Gamertag
  • How you heard about the RFCU?
  • Why you are interesting in joining?

Important Note:Please be aware that if you leave out any information, your application will not be processed and you will not be considered for Membership.

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